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Innovative Methodologies

Innovative Methodologies

We take special pride and interest in developing new methodologies and better techniques for both quantitative and qualitative research.  Our tradition of innovation is supported by our culture of creativity, teamwork, and partnership as well as our training in human psychology and the science of psychometrics.


Psychometrics is the science of psychological measurement. How will the respondents interpret the question? What words will they focus on, and which words will they skim over? What assumptions will they make?

Trained in psychometrics, we write survey questions that measure what they intend to measure, ensuring responses have real value.


Advancements in technology and software allow market research firms to provide more sophisticated analytics at a lower cost—a big benefit to the entire industry. But many firms place too much focus on the analytics and not enough on data quality. They may, for example, design surveys based on what the analysis can handle, rather than what a respondent can handle. Frustrated respondents provide bad data, which no amount of sophisticated analysis can save: garbage in, garbage out.

Drawing on our training in psychology and our years of experience, we balance design and analysis considerations to provide results that are valid, robust, and insightful.