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Fulcrum Research Group is a primary market research company focused exclusively on healthcare. We design custom quantitative and qualitative market research to help our clients answer their key business questions


All we do is healthcare. We live and breathe this industry, so we understand its complexities and bring depth of knowledge to the work.


We’re methodologists. Insights for an ever-changing industry require innovative approaches tailored to the needs of each client and project.


More than a vendor. We work with our clients to design research that delivers the right level of insight to the most important stakeholders.

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*Through December, 2021

Fulcrum is a true strategic partner and an important part of my brand’s research team. Their work outperforms other market research agencies, and they are flexible, responsive, and extremely engaged. I can’t imagine undertaking any project without their guidance.

– Market Research Manager

Our white paper, “Understanding the Odyssey: How and Why to Execute Rare Disease Patient Journey Market Research” delves into our key best practices in this challenging area.

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