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Innovative Methods

Our commitment to continual innovation yields market research insights that are deeper, more genuine, and more complete.

Healthcare Expertise

While we help companies find their leverage across a variety of industries, our greatest expertise is helping those focused on global healthcare markets.

Core Values

Our boutique market research firm brings creativity, partnership, and teamwork to every engagement.

What makes Fulcrum Research Group different?
We strive to be better:

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  • Better consultants in our approach
  • Better scientists in the field of market research
  • Better psychologists in our perspective
"There are no finer market research professionals working today. Customer service, understanding of the market and your issues, anticipating problems and proactively addressing them, strategic insight and recommendations, simple qual to the most complex quant. Top shelf across the board."
Executive Director, Marketing
“Fulcrum provided our arts organization with results that were illuminating and actionable. They dig deep, using the best research practices. Information was presented clearly to all of our constituents. Very powerful stuff.”
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
"Your presentation was clear, well laid-out, and focused on our key results. Your team took a mass of complicated data and distilled it down to something everyone could digest!"
Senior Product Manager
"Fulcrum is a thought partner that invests the time to understand our market, business challenges, and goals. They provide excellent customer service, nimbly respond to changes in project scope, and deliver actionable analysis on time and at a great value."
Senior Market Research Manager
“Fulcrum is a true strategic partner and an important part of my brand’s research team. Their work outperforms other market research agencies, and they are flexible, responsive, and extremely engaged. I can't imagine undertaking any project without their guidance.”
Market Research Manager
“I have worked with Fulcrum on numerous projects. They are a true partner, delivering quality research findings and actionable business insights. I highly recommend them for qualitative and quantitative research initiatives.”
Associate Director, Market Research
“Fulcrum is an exceptional partner. Their high standards allow me to focus on my business and not on micromanaging my vendor. Their key findings and recommendations reflect strong market understanding and strategic thinking."
Research Director