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We are Fulcrum.

Who we’re looking for…

Entry-level Team Members

0-3 years of experience

Oversee and coordinate external vendors, help create research materials and reports, monitor data collection and recruiting efforts, maintain quality controls.

Mid-level Team Members

4-10 years of experience

Act as day-to-day contact for clients, supervise and mentor junior staff in executing research, lead the creation of research materials, conduct qualitative interviews, analyze data and develop reports.

Senior-level Team Members

>10 years of experience

Manage client relationships and business development, develop clients’ business objectives into research design, direct all phases of research, supervise and train mid- and junior-level staff, oversee internal firm initiatives, and participate in the senior leadership of the firm.

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Fulcrum gives me both the support and independence I need to deepen my research expertise and cultivate industry relationships.

Emily Wu

– Vice President

My colleagues are some of the smartest, most genuine people you’re likely to meet, and have taught me a lot throughout my years at Fulcrum.

Shashank Settipalli

– Associate Research Director

I really appreciate how we have many senior staff to support junior staff. Being able to collaborate directly with my project leads has allowed me to develop various skills, build close relationships with my teams, and find opportunities to work towards my goals.

Michael Chan

– Senior Research Analyst