We're methodologists.

New is good but better is better.

We take special pride and interest in developing new methodologies and better techniques for both quantitative and qualitative research. Our tradition of innovation is supported by our culture of creativity, teamwork, and partnership as well as our training in human psychology and the science of psychometrics. While many firms focus on delivering complex analyses, we focus on gathering good data as the foundation of clear, actionable analyses.

This means we design innovative, custom solutions to deliver the insights and findings our clients need. With us you will always get what you need, nothing less, often more.

We use insights from psychology and behavioral economics to make our findings more reflective of what happens in the real world

Emotional Mining

Create a safe space for emotion


Organize and understand core motivations

Virtual Patient Simulation

Increase understanding of the (mis)diagnostic process

Visual Share Allocation

Help physicians keep track in complex share allocation exercises

Measure (Un) certainty

Vastly improve insights by allowing for a more sensitive measure of change

AI Chatbot

Invoke social interaction and motivation to engage in a cost-effective way

White papers

Choose Your Own Adventure

One of the common challenges orphan drug makers face is how to improve the diagnostic process. In a landscape where every patient counts, ensuring an optimal diagnostic process is critical.

Measuring Non-rational Market Dynamics

Trying to understand why physicians make the decisions they do is critically important in pharmaceutical market research. An assessment of market dynamics forms the under-pinning for virtually all…

More Accurate Product Forecasting

What market share will go to our new product? How will this market event impact our current share? These are some of the most critically important questions in pharmaceutical market research.

Understanding the Odyssey

We all appreciate the importance of empathy in patient interactions. However, it’s even more important in the world of rare diseases, because the emotional toll on patients and families can be substantial.

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